My September nails

Hello everyone! I`m starting to get used that autumn is here and I have to search for warm clothes and to put away the summer ones. I knew, I needed some new nails design too which will fit with this season and  this week I decided to try something new, so I had my nails done by somebody who is very talented.  I chose the dark red because it makes me think about autumn about he candle light or the leaves which in a short time will be everywhere outside. 🙂





What do you think about this nail design? I love the gold lace detail  which matches perfectly that beautiful red. I`m just in love with them. :)) I think this design and colours are elegant, but simple at a same time because sometimes you need only a little detail to impress and this is why I chose that gold sticker.

Do you like this design? How are your nails right now? I`m waiting for your comments :*


Off shoulder blouse

Hello, fashionistas! I hope you had a wonderful day and you are enjoying the autumn days. In this post i want to talk to you about a new outfit idea, a decent but sexy blouse. I always thought that off shoulders blouses look so feminine because they show your skin but only the shoulders which are usually covered. Wearing a blouse off shoulder can be a little difficult because it can go down easily, this is why you should be careful what you choose to buy and the size should be pretty small.

Elegant White Rosaline Blouse | Vixeness           Off shoulder

Sexy Fashion Lace Off-shoulder Two-piece Set $6.99           Our New Arrivals / Fuchsia Bodycon Skirt

Sincerely, the idea of this post came to me when i was looking on Sheinside online store, where I found a great, great deal. They introduce a new program where they put every week a “special product” which has a really cheap price. I mean the off shoulder blouse I will show you is only 3,99 $ right now. So if you like it, just click on the pictures below to purchase it.

White Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Blouse

What do you think of it? I think it looks very feminine and it could be wearing in this season too, but with long pants, or a dark colour skirt. I would accessorizes this look with a dark coloured blazer for a party or a jacket for street style. I would put some gold jewelry or I would let it simple because the blouse looks beautiful anyway. They, Sheinside, suggest some good ways of wearing in the pictures below:

Low-price Sale

Low-price Sale

You can buy the products from the image in their online store, just clicking on them, on the promotion page, which the pictures bring you to.



Would you wear an off shoulder blouse or you already have one in your wardrobe? If you have it, I would like to know how you wear it. 🙂 Do you like this style?I really want to know more about your style.

Thank you for visiting my blog! :*


Decorate your house for autumn

Hello everyone! I don`t know about what you like, but I love redecorating and I hope you too because it`s so beautiful to match  your house, room with the season outside. I mean when winter comes and Christmas is near, almost everyone try to decorate their houses in the most beautiful ways and I don`t think you need examples for that. If you don`t know a good reason to decorate this season, I will remember you about Halloween! 🙂 Autumn is a beautiful season too and this is way you should prepare your house in an orange, brown cozy light. Your room should be the most relaxing place for you, a place where you can dream, enjoy a cup of tea, read a book in silence and seeing around beautiful autumn decorations surely will help you get in the relax mood. I will put below some pictures to see exactly what I think about when I say “autumn decorations” :

cozy | Tumblr

Pinterest / Startpagina

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor


When you look at this pictures you feel cozy and I`m sure everyone would like their home to be like this, a warm place, full of love and happiness. That`s how I imagine a beautiful family house! Ok, let`s start with some ideas for creating this beautiful atmosphere. Try to put in the rooms beautiful candles ( I mean the ones which have a simple design in autumn colors and smell like this) and if you can`t find this kind of candles my idea is to put in a jar one little simple candle or a light and to decorate that jar with leaves or little pieces of wood or just paint some lines in orange, brown shades. This little things will look great in your home because the light, mixed with the colored shades, will create lovely autumn shades in the room. Don`t forget to put on your tables some bowls or jars with little pieces of wood, leaves, mixed with cinnamon or vanilla sticks and this way your rooms will smell amazing!

THE LIMITS OF CONTROL: Senfgelb & Zimt          autumn displays - Google Images

I think this candles look really beautiful! So let`s continue, another idea would be to change the pillows and blankets. If you don`t have already this things in colours like brown, cream, white, try to buy some. If you do have blankets and pillows in this colours you are prepared for autumn and winter. I know this stuffs can be a little expensive, but you can change them alone, all you have to do is be creative and to use some materials you don`t need anymore. You can create the home, that you always wanted, with your imagination and a little work!

Rustic Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow In Natural Burlap With Ecru Cotton Lace | Luulla          <3

I would love to know what do you think about those home decorations for autumn! You like them? I`m waiting for your comments to know more about you! :*

P.S. You like autumn? 🙂

Beautiful jackets for autumn

Hello, my dear readers! How are you today? I hope that you are really good and prepared for this cold autumn. I don`t like a lot this season because I know that summer is over and I can say, I like the rain only when I`m home, drinking a cup of hot tea and watching the little drops falling outside. I think a must have for autumn it`s a jacket! A trendy one, which should be perfect, i mean not to thick or to thin. It should keep your body warm but not make you sweat, only for keeping away the cold wind. For our happiness, we can find this autumn/ spring jackets in every shop and there are so many patterns that you don`t know what to choose. This is way I suggest trying a lot because it`s the only way you can really know if that jacket it`s perfect for your body.

#(1) Mundo de chicas | via Facebook

Leather Jackets

What do you think about this combinations? And there are a lot more you can try! As you know, one of my favourite online clothing shop is Sheinside because they have amazing clothes and for this beginning of autumn they bring for us the most beautiful PU leather jackets! I know you should buy a jacket on a shop where you can really see how it looks because the pictures can be fake, but on Sheinside almost every product has photos with fashion bloggers or normal girls wearing their clothes. With this amazing program you know exactly how it looks on a real person. I will put below some photos with my favourite jackets on their site and if you click on the picture you will enter on the product page where you can see other people wearing that:

Khaki Contrast Leather Long Sleeve Crop JacketBlack Lapel Rivet Zip Pocket PU Leather Jacket

1. First jacket

2. Second jacket

All jackets clicking here.

And one more good thing is that if you use the code: PU15 you save 15%off.  So you can buy your beautiful jacket with prices between 20$ – 40$.

Leather Jackets


You like wearing leather jackets? What`s your favourite colour for this season?

I would like to know more about your personal style and I`m waiting for your comments! :*



Memories of summer

    Hello, my dear readers! As you can see autumn is here and it won`t last long until the bad weather will come too. But that is  life, we have to be optimistic and see the good parts in everyone and everything, and the sun will rise every morning as we have to do too. When a season ends I use to become nostalgic, thinking about the chances I didn`t take, the pictures I didn`t make, but looking in my phone, in the gallery, I see thousands of beautiful memories which I don`t regret at all and I hope that you feel the same! 🙂


I`m sure most of you made a lot of photos this summer, capturing all the beautiful memories, with all the beautiful people and places you have met. My advice is to select the pictures you like the most and to get them on the paper, to be sure that your memories will be there forever even when the computer memory will be deleted. You should make some copies to share with the people who helped you to create those beautiful memories and they sure will be very happy to see that you really appreciate their friendship and love. Maybe you don`t see now the values of this photos, but after some years you will be happy to see them again and remember everything good in your life. Another idea would be to have a memory notebook (like a diary), where you can write everything that made you happy and when you will be sad you will think that your life is horrible, please read lines about your amazing adventures.


The good memories can save us in many situations when we think that our life is too bad and this is why we have to save this important things, to remember the good times and to make new memorable ones. So what do you think about my ideas of capturing the best memories we had this season? I will love to know how you choose to save your memories! 🙂 Until next time, I hope you have beautiful days of autumn! 🙂

Last weekend of summer

Hello everyone! How are you today? 🙂 I hope that you are very good and because the weekend it`s here I think most of us have some plans for the last days of summer. I just can`t believe summer is over… it was perfect with all her goods and bads and i hope that you too made some great memories this season. If you don`t have plans yet, be sure you do something memorable this two days because you deserve to have fun and be very, very happy. In this post, I don`t want to be sad and I want to help you for choosing the best outfits for this weekend. Thinking that the weather is still warm, but the nights can get pretty cold, you should take a cardigan with you. So, if your going to a party or getting out in town I suggest wearing a pretty, little summer dress because maybe it will be the last chance to wear it, this year and you should have some good pictures with it. 🙂


💕Instagram: heyitsannabanana💕

♥ *¬* | via Tumblr

What do you think about this outfits ideas? You like them? I like them a lot because they are so girly and fashionable but at a same time the colours are perfect for the beginning of autumn.

My other advice is to let your hair free because it`s beautiful that way and it will represent your feelings or if you want to catch it, use some simple hairpins. If you want a really summer look you should try that salt spray ( I found it at Dm and it has a really good price, but you can find it in any other hair products shop) . You can make that salt water spray at home too. You just have to put in a spray bottle 2 cups of water, one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Your hair will get easily curly and you don`t have to use any other products and if you think it`s too messy try to arrange it with a comb.

summer | Tumblr



I would like to know how you choose to spend your last days of summer this year, in fact  how was your all season?

I can`t wait to hear your stories! Kisses, F.

Clothes for autumn

Hello everyone! When autumn comes, the first thing that comes in our minds it`s that the bad weather will bring to us low temperature and a cold, cold wind. It`s sad, but this is why we have to be prepared, with fall clothes which will keep us warm in those days and of course will be fashionable.

This autumn, the great designers recommend to try emerald shades and they enriched their fall collections with “a deliciously lush shade of green”. I, personal, love this emerald, it`s such a beautiful green and this colour probably make you think of autumn because it`s darker, but at a same time it takes your mind to the sea, where the water sometimes, when a storm comes, has this colour.



What do you think about this outfits? I think they are gorgeous and I would love to have more clothes in this beautiful shade, because I have only 2 green sweaters like this. If you want to have this colour in your wardrobe I will post down 2 photos with green dresses and if you click on the photo you can buy it at very good price.









Also, in this post i will present to you a new campaign from Sheinside. As you know they have incredible good prices and they have new clothes everyday, so if you want to buy from them, you have a large store to search for your favourite clothes.

Step into your Sheinside “DAY”. Save 20% off labor day Savings with $50 Purchase. The Code is : labor20  and it`s only available until September 8. So hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!

What do you think about this emerald colour? You like it? Would you wear this colour?

I`m waiting for your opinions! 🙂

Cum sa obti timp liber

Buna din nou! Toti ne dorim sa avem cat mai mult timp liber, dar din pacate dupa toate treburile zilnice ne ramane foarte putin sau chiar deloc atunci cand oboseala ne invinge. Cat de bine ar fi sa avem un ajutor la casa, cineva care sa se descurce cu curatenia, avand in vedere ca sa faci curatenie completa intr-o casa sau un apartament stim cu toti ca dureaza mai mult de o zi.

thumb (11) thumb (8)








In ultima perioada am vazut multe oferte in care diverse persoane iti ofera aceste servici de curatenie, dar nu te poti risca sa duci in caminul tau, pe oricine. De aceea este important sa alegi cu grija sau sa apelezi la o firma mare, care iti poate garanta ca lucrurile tale si familia ta sunt in siguranta deplina.

Firma de curatenie din Bucuresti, Vertex Cleaning se ocupa profesional, ofera servicii personalizate, de cea mai inalta calitate, pentru curatenia generala si de intretinere a birourilor, a spatiilor comerciale si industriale. “Profesionistii Vertex Cleaning lucreaza individual cu fiecare dintre clienti pentru a crea planul personalizat de curatenie profesionala, optim pentru fiecare tip de companie.”Tot ce trebuie este sa da-i click la categoria Curatenie la domiciliu sau chiar Calcat haine atunci cand ai nevoie ca hainele tale sa fie impecabile. Intr-adevar investesti ceva bani, dar sti ca lasi casa ta pe maini bune si tot ce iti mai ramane tie de facut este sa te relaxezi si sa petreci mai mult timp cu cei dragi! Imagineaza-ti doar cum ar fi ca scapi de o grija atat de mare si sa te alegi si cu timp liber si cu casa impecabila. Eu zic ca suna foarte tentant! 🙂

Image 1

Cine se ocupa de curatenie in casa ta? Daca vrei sa scapi de o grija cam mare, ar trebui sa apelezi la ei si cu siguranta vei fi multumita de modul lor de a lucra cu profesionalism!

Te-ai gandit vreodata la varianta aceasta? Doar gandestete cat de mult timp liber ai obtine!

Calatorii indraznete

Avand in vedere ca vara nu este inca gata, dar totusi nu mai este nici asa mult pana la venirea toamnei, este momentul potrivit sa organizam o calatorie  cu scopul de a cunoaste si a descoperi locuri noi. Mereu mi-a placut sa calatoresc si inca ador asta, imi place sa vad locuri noi, peisaje superbe, sa intalnesc oameni frumosi, sa gust diverse mancaruri specifice fiecarei zone. Printr-o calatorie reusim sa ne imbogatim sufletul si mintea cu numeroase informatii si amintiri placute. In multe postari am prezentat diverse agentii de turism, dar cea care mi se pare cea mai “indrazneata” sa spun asa cred ca este . De ce? Pentru ca doar intrand pe site-ul lor, datorita designului si pozelor cred eu, reusim sa ne imaginam o calatorie perfecta, in locuri pe care ochii nostri ar da orice sa le vada.

69316061 paradise-island-resort paradise-island-resort-11 ramada11

Cum citeaza si ei : “Lumea este o carte, iar cei care nu calatoresc nu pot citi decat o pagina din ea.” (Sf. Augustin) exact asta cred si eu si multe dintre voi sunt sigura. Ce mai imi place la site-ul lor? Ca pe langa faptul ca iti ofera oferte irezistibile, dar si iti prezinta locatia aleasa, practic te ajuta sa alegi ce ti s-ar potrivi mai bine. Printr-un simplu click in categoria Destinatii poti gasi tot ce vrei sa sti despre tara pe care vrei s ao vizitezi, cu tot cu toate locurile care merita vazute. Daca iti alegi o vacanta din categoria Sejururi sau City Break sigurat vei avea parte de zile superbe. Poti alege vacantele foarte ieftine In Bulgaria sau Croatia unde ofertele incep de la 9 euro!

FORTUNA-ISLAND-3 FORTUNA-ISLAND-2 Nu stiu ce faceti voi, dar eu cred ca ma pun sa imi aleg o vacanta sau sa strang bani pentru una! 🙂

Care este locul pe care va doriti sa il vizitati cel mai mult sau pe care l-ati vizitat deja si va placut foarte mult?

Sheinside – first order

Hello everyone! My first order from Sheinside arrived this week and i`m so glad that i have ordered from them. I was looking after their online shop for a long time and i really liked their clothes. Finally i put my first order and i`m very glad that i have done this.

I ordered this jumpsuit:










And it was like this:









I can say it`s almost the same and i really love it. This jumpsuit is perfect for summer, it`s elegant, flowy, casual and more. I will wear it some gold jewels and a pair of sandals, i think. You can see it and order it here . I waited 3 weeks to receive the order but i am happy that the jumpsuit is as i was expecting.

In my next order i want to buy this things:

1351064523890516533 1374213629847031037 1406088772670598059











– offer the latest street style dresses ,coats, accessories and more.

– have special programs for everyone

So it`s time for shopping and i hope you will find what you want on .

You like this clothes?

What would you order?