Decorate your house for autumn

Hello everyone! I don`t know about what you like, but I love redecorating and I hope you too because it`s so beautiful to match  your house, room with the season outside. I mean when winter comes and Christmas is near, almost everyone try to decorate their houses in the most beautiful ways and I don`t think you need examples for that. If you don`t know a good reason to decorate this season, I will remember you about Halloween! 🙂 Autumn is a beautiful season too and this is way you should prepare your house in an orange, brown cozy light. Your room should be the most relaxing place for you, a place where you can dream, enjoy a cup of tea, read a book in silence and seeing around beautiful autumn decorations surely will help you get in the relax mood. I will put below some pictures to see exactly what I think about when I say “autumn decorations” :

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When you look at this pictures you feel cozy and I`m sure everyone would like their home to be like this, a warm place, full of love and happiness. That`s how I imagine a beautiful family house! Ok, let`s start with some ideas for creating this beautiful atmosphere. Try to put in the rooms beautiful candles ( I mean the ones which have a simple design in autumn colors and smell like this) and if you can`t find this kind of candles my idea is to put in a jar one little simple candle or a light and to decorate that jar with leaves or little pieces of wood or just paint some lines in orange, brown shades. This little things will look great in your home because the light, mixed with the colored shades, will create lovely autumn shades in the room. Don`t forget to put on your tables some bowls or jars with little pieces of wood, leaves, mixed with cinnamon or vanilla sticks and this way your rooms will smell amazing!

THE LIMITS OF CONTROL: Senfgelb & Zimt          autumn displays - Google Images

I think this candles look really beautiful! So let`s continue, another idea would be to change the pillows and blankets. If you don`t have already this things in colours like brown, cream, white, try to buy some. If you do have blankets and pillows in this colours you are prepared for autumn and winter. I know this stuffs can be a little expensive, but you can change them alone, all you have to do is be creative and to use some materials you don`t need anymore. You can create the home, that you always wanted, with your imagination and a little work!

Rustic Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow In Natural Burlap With Ecru Cotton Lace | Luulla          <3

I would love to know what do you think about those home decorations for autumn! You like them? I`m waiting for your comments to know more about you! :*

P.S. You like autumn? 🙂


Beautiful jackets for autumn

Hello, my dear readers! How are you today? I hope that you are really good and prepared for this cold autumn. I don`t like a lot this season because I know that summer is over and I can say, I like the rain only when I`m home, drinking a cup of hot tea and watching the little drops falling outside. I think a must have for autumn it`s a jacket! A trendy one, which should be perfect, i mean not to thick or to thin. It should keep your body warm but not make you sweat, only for keeping away the cold wind. For our happiness, we can find this autumn/ spring jackets in every shop and there are so many patterns that you don`t know what to choose. This is way I suggest trying a lot because it`s the only way you can really know if that jacket it`s perfect for your body.

#(1) Mundo de chicas | via Facebook

Leather Jackets

What do you think about this combinations? And there are a lot more you can try! As you know, one of my favourite online clothing shop is Sheinside because they have amazing clothes and for this beginning of autumn they bring for us the most beautiful PU leather jackets! I know you should buy a jacket on a shop where you can really see how it looks because the pictures can be fake, but on Sheinside almost every product has photos with fashion bloggers or normal girls wearing their clothes. With this amazing program you know exactly how it looks on a real person. I will put below some photos with my favourite jackets on their site and if you click on the picture you will enter on the product page where you can see other people wearing that:

Khaki Contrast Leather Long Sleeve Crop JacketBlack Lapel Rivet Zip Pocket PU Leather Jacket

1. First jacket

2. Second jacket

All jackets clicking here.

And one more good thing is that if you use the code: PU15 you save 15%off.  So you can buy your beautiful jacket with prices between 20$ – 40$.

Leather Jackets


You like wearing leather jackets? What`s your favourite colour for this season?

I would like to know more about your personal style and I`m waiting for your comments! :*



Clothes for autumn

Hello everyone! When autumn comes, the first thing that comes in our minds it`s that the bad weather will bring to us low temperature and a cold, cold wind. It`s sad, but this is why we have to be prepared, with fall clothes which will keep us warm in those days and of course will be fashionable.

This autumn, the great designers recommend to try emerald shades and they enriched their fall collections with “a deliciously lush shade of green”. I, personal, love this emerald, it`s such a beautiful green and this colour probably make you think of autumn because it`s darker, but at a same time it takes your mind to the sea, where the water sometimes, when a storm comes, has this colour.



What do you think about this outfits? I think they are gorgeous and I would love to have more clothes in this beautiful shade, because I have only 2 green sweaters like this. If you want to have this colour in your wardrobe I will post down 2 photos with green dresses and if you click on the photo you can buy it at very good price.









Also, in this post i will present to you a new campaign from Sheinside. As you know they have incredible good prices and they have new clothes everyday, so if you want to buy from them, you have a large store to search for your favourite clothes.

Step into your Sheinside “DAY”. Save 20% off labor day Savings with $50 Purchase. The Code is : labor20  and it`s only available until September 8. So hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!

What do you think about this emerald colour? You like it? Would you wear this colour?

I`m waiting for your opinions! 🙂

Back to school- The school bag

Hello everyone! Maybe you think it`s to early for this kinds of posts, but the ones who go back to college, university… need to be ready for the first day. So in this post we will talk about what we put in our school bag. First of all you need to have a beautiful and practical handbag or backpack. My inspiration for autumn or the begging of school i think it is Bethany Mota from youtube. Her videos are so inspirational and she give such good advises about style, beauty and fashion. So here i will post one of her videos :

So let`s start! How i said up, you need to have a practical handbag and if you need a new one it`s the perfect season to buy one because there are lots of stores with beautiful bags on sale. If you need help on finding the perfect bag for you, look after this article: . After you get one, you have to be sure that you put there anything you need. So i`m going to make an essential list:
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. A planner
4. A bottle of water
5. Notebooks
6. Pencils
7. Gum
8. And anything you consider is essential and probably some makeup stuffs.

If there are things you don`t have yet , as i said it`s perfect season for shopping and for more fun, invite a friend to come with you.

Just essentials ..
Try to select what you put in your hand bag or backpack because I don`t think you want it to be to heavy and don`t forget to put something to eat. It`s important to have with you anything you know you will use and need, so always verify your bag before leaving home.

UntitledStay organized this school year :)

What`s in your school bag and which things are essential for you?

I can`t wait to read your opinians! 🙂