Decorate your house for autumn

Hello everyone! I don`t know about what you like, but I love redecorating and I hope you too because it`s so beautiful to match  your house, room with the season outside. I mean when winter comes and Christmas is near, almost everyone try to decorate their houses in the most beautiful ways and I don`t think you need examples for that. If you don`t know a good reason to decorate this season, I will remember you about Halloween! 🙂 Autumn is a beautiful season too and this is way you should prepare your house in an orange, brown cozy light. Your room should be the most relaxing place for you, a place where you can dream, enjoy a cup of tea, read a book in silence and seeing around beautiful autumn decorations surely will help you get in the relax mood. I will put below some pictures to see exactly what I think about when I say “autumn decorations” :

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When you look at this pictures you feel cozy and I`m sure everyone would like their home to be like this, a warm place, full of love and happiness. That`s how I imagine a beautiful family house! Ok, let`s start with some ideas for creating this beautiful atmosphere. Try to put in the rooms beautiful candles ( I mean the ones which have a simple design in autumn colors and smell like this) and if you can`t find this kind of candles my idea is to put in a jar one little simple candle or a light and to decorate that jar with leaves or little pieces of wood or just paint some lines in orange, brown shades. This little things will look great in your home because the light, mixed with the colored shades, will create lovely autumn shades in the room. Don`t forget to put on your tables some bowls or jars with little pieces of wood, leaves, mixed with cinnamon or vanilla sticks and this way your rooms will smell amazing!

THE LIMITS OF CONTROL: Senfgelb & Zimt          autumn displays - Google Images

I think this candles look really beautiful! So let`s continue, another idea would be to change the pillows and blankets. If you don`t have already this things in colours like brown, cream, white, try to buy some. If you do have blankets and pillows in this colours you are prepared for autumn and winter. I know this stuffs can be a little expensive, but you can change them alone, all you have to do is be creative and to use some materials you don`t need anymore. You can create the home, that you always wanted, with your imagination and a little work!

Rustic Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow In Natural Burlap With Ecru Cotton Lace | Luulla          <3

I would love to know what do you think about those home decorations for autumn! You like them? I`m waiting for your comments to know more about you! :*

P.S. You like autumn? 🙂


Petrecere de vara

Fiecare dintre noi ne-am imaginat macar o data ca am putea organiza o super petrecere care parca nu se va mai termina si nimeni nu ar mai vrea sa plece acasa. ;)) Vara asta daca iti faci un pic de timp liber sigurat vei putea organiza o petrecere de neuitat pentru a sarbatori ceva sau doar de dragul distractiei. 🙂 O petrecere e bine venita ori cand , avand in vedere ca reusim sa ne destindem de lucrurile banale pe care le facem zilnic. Pentru a crea o super petrecere , iti recomand sa alegi o tema anume, cum se intampla la americani, bal mascat sau din anii 50. Nu e deloc greu sa alegi o astfel de tema trebuie doar sa te interesezi pe internet si articole gasesti in multe magazine sau le poti face chiar tu.

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Daca iti doresti o astfel de petrecere trebuie sa fi atenta la mai multe detalii cum ar fi pe cine inviti, care va fi locatia, cum aranjezi locul etc. In primul rand trebuie sa te decizi ce fel de petrecere vrei, care sa te reprezinte bine- inteles. daca tu si prietenii tai sunteti persoane adulte, calme, la locul lor, poti organiza o cina eleganta cu sampanie, mancare, prajiturele cu muzica ambientala, astfel in cat seara va trece repede intr-un mod foarte placut. In schimb daca prietenii tai sunt dornici de distractie poti organiza o petrecere mai mare in curte, in casa, unde ai spatiu suficient.

Articole destinate unei petrecerii reusite gasiti pe  cum ar fi in categoria Pinata sau Petrecere Hawaiana unde gasiti accesori perfecte pentru o petrecere de vara, tinuta la o piscina. Sau de ce sa nu organizezi un bal mascat? Ai o multime de variante, din care poti sa o alegi pe cea potrivita tie. Daca tineti ziua unui copil mai mic tot pe site-ul lor veti gasi o multime de idei, pentru petreceri tematice.
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Ce parere aveti despre petrecerile tinute acasa? 🙂