From London with love

Hello, dear readers! Maybe it is to early to talk about winter or Christmas, but I just couldn’t wait to show you an amazing commercial from Burberry ! I was enchanted by the music, dance, clothes, or maybe is just the idea, the gold gift box which is full of glitter. In fact to see it all it was a pleasure, so I can’t wait for the first snow and all the winter stuff. The video is about a young couple falling in love and everything is matched perfectly. It`s like a very good movie, which leaves you with thousands of feelings and make you dream to a beautiful life. So here is the video:

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do and I would like to hear what makes you think about when you see this short film. 🙂

And of course after seeing this great commercial I entered on their online website where the design is beautiful as always and the most important things the gift ideas they propose for our help are simply perfect:

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What do you think? 🙂


Memories of summer

    Hello, my dear readers! As you can see autumn is here and it won`t last long until the bad weather will come too. But that is  life, we have to be optimistic and see the good parts in everyone and everything, and the sun will rise every morning as we have to do too. When a season ends I use to become nostalgic, thinking about the chances I didn`t take, the pictures I didn`t make, but looking in my phone, in the gallery, I see thousands of beautiful memories which I don`t regret at all and I hope that you feel the same! 🙂


I`m sure most of you made a lot of photos this summer, capturing all the beautiful memories, with all the beautiful people and places you have met. My advice is to select the pictures you like the most and to get them on the paper, to be sure that your memories will be there forever even when the computer memory will be deleted. You should make some copies to share with the people who helped you to create those beautiful memories and they sure will be very happy to see that you really appreciate their friendship and love. Maybe you don`t see now the values of this photos, but after some years you will be happy to see them again and remember everything good in your life. Another idea would be to have a memory notebook (like a diary), where you can write everything that made you happy and when you will be sad you will think that your life is horrible, please read lines about your amazing adventures.


The good memories can save us in many situations when we think that our life is too bad and this is why we have to save this important things, to remember the good times and to make new memorable ones. So what do you think about my ideas of capturing the best memories we had this season? I will love to know how you choose to save your memories! 🙂 Until next time, I hope you have beautiful days of autumn! 🙂

Last weekend of summer

Hello everyone! How are you today? 🙂 I hope that you are very good and because the weekend it`s here I think most of us have some plans for the last days of summer. I just can`t believe summer is over… it was perfect with all her goods and bads and i hope that you too made some great memories this season. If you don`t have plans yet, be sure you do something memorable this two days because you deserve to have fun and be very, very happy. In this post, I don`t want to be sad and I want to help you for choosing the best outfits for this weekend. Thinking that the weather is still warm, but the nights can get pretty cold, you should take a cardigan with you. So, if your going to a party or getting out in town I suggest wearing a pretty, little summer dress because maybe it will be the last chance to wear it, this year and you should have some good pictures with it. 🙂


💕Instagram: heyitsannabanana💕

♥ *¬* | via Tumblr

What do you think about this outfits ideas? You like them? I like them a lot because they are so girly and fashionable but at a same time the colours are perfect for the beginning of autumn.

My other advice is to let your hair free because it`s beautiful that way and it will represent your feelings or if you want to catch it, use some simple hairpins. If you want a really summer look you should try that salt spray ( I found it at Dm and it has a really good price, but you can find it in any other hair products shop) . You can make that salt water spray at home too. You just have to put in a spray bottle 2 cups of water, one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Your hair will get easily curly and you don`t have to use any other products and if you think it`s too messy try to arrange it with a comb.

summer | Tumblr



I would like to know how you choose to spend your last days of summer this year, in fact  how was your all season?

I can`t wait to hear your stories! Kisses, F.

Natural makeup

Hello everyone! How are you today? I know most of us prefer a simple and natural makeup which will define our eyes and face in a way that it`s not so strong. Most women don`t go out without putting some make-up on and this is why I decided to make this post and I hope that you will like it. So in this post I will describe how you can create a natural makeup look, in a very simple way because this kind of make up always look good on any type of skin and it`s perfect for every occasion.

Like I said, you can try this make up every day and the best part is that you can easily make it in five – ten minutes. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps for countouring your beautiful eyes:

First step is to apply an eyeshadow base like foundation or primer, than you can use a black, dark eyeliner or liquid liner which will make your eye seem bigger and clearly more attractive.


After you apply a liquid liner for an intensive look, you should apply on the corner of the eye a light brown eye shadow and on the other corner a brown eye shadow which will be blended with the other one for creating a beautiful shadow. For the eye brows try to use a brown eyebrow pencil and in the last part you should use your favourite mascara (to last all day , be sure that it`s a good one and it should be waterproof) .




For this makeup i used a Sephora pallet ,  a black liquid liner, and a Sephora mascara.

Do you like this simple and natural look? You use this kind of makeup?

I`m waiting for your opinions and I want to know which products do you use every day?

P.S. If you try this makeup please send me photos :*

Blue makeup

Hello again! Today is a beautiful day to play with colours! All day I looked at the sky to see how that light blue was crossed by white fluffy clouds and the sun took care to enlighten my window. And now the disappearance of the sun, slowly makes the light blue to become dark blue. This is how it happens in my makeup, prepared for you today. For this week i thought i will make a blue eye makeup for the night because as you see summer is mostly over  and it was the perfect season to use more colours! I was inspired by the sky, the light blue and the dark blue are getting together perfectly if you know how to blend them. So take your brushes and the blue makeup palette and let`s try something new!

Diana Păcurar makeup



For this one I used a makeup palette from Sephora, a dark blue eyeliner from miss sporty and a miss sporty mascara. I really liked how this eye makeup looks , even if I have brown eyes. I think this makeup can be used at night and you should wear something simple( only one colour like blue, black or white). The bad part is it`s to strong to wear it at daytime , but if you are brave you can try. 🙂

How to create this makeup:

1. First apply foundation or primer

2. Apply on the corner of the eye the lightest blue/white eyeshadow

3. In the middle use a light blue.

4. Use the darkest blue to contour your lid. Start at he outside corner of the eye.

5. Blend your eyeshadow

6. Use a dark blue/black eyeliner

7. Put on you favourite mascara!

You like this makeup? I`m waiting for your opinion 🙂

The first pic is from Weheartit:

Clothes for autumn

Hello everyone! When autumn comes, the first thing that comes in our minds it`s that the bad weather will bring to us low temperature and a cold, cold wind. It`s sad, but this is why we have to be prepared, with fall clothes which will keep us warm in those days and of course will be fashionable.

This autumn, the great designers recommend to try emerald shades and they enriched their fall collections with “a deliciously lush shade of green”. I, personal, love this emerald, it`s such a beautiful green and this colour probably make you think of autumn because it`s darker, but at a same time it takes your mind to the sea, where the water sometimes, when a storm comes, has this colour.



What do you think about this outfits? I think they are gorgeous and I would love to have more clothes in this beautiful shade, because I have only 2 green sweaters like this. If you want to have this colour in your wardrobe I will post down 2 photos with green dresses and if you click on the photo you can buy it at very good price.









Also, in this post i will present to you a new campaign from Sheinside. As you know they have incredible good prices and they have new clothes everyday, so if you want to buy from them, you have a large store to search for your favourite clothes.

Step into your Sheinside “DAY”. Save 20% off labor day Savings with $50 Purchase. The Code is : labor20  and it`s only available until September 8. So hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!

What do you think about this emerald colour? You like it? Would you wear this colour?

I`m waiting for your opinions! 🙂

Cea mai placuta ora a zilei

Buna tuturor! Care vi se pare cea mai placuta ora a zilei? Eu sincer nu cred ca am o ora preferata.. Cred ca cele mai placute ore sunt cele petrecute in compania persoanele dragi, momentele in care ajungi acasa dupa o zi grea si te bucuri de timpul ramas pentru tine. Daca chiar ar trebui sa aleg totusi o ora preferata, as alege ora 8-9 seara… pentru ca in timpul saptamanii stiu ca e o ora libera, iar in weekend ar putea fi o ora petrecuta in oras, la o petrecere sau pur si simplu in compania unor persoane adorabile. In cea mai placuta ora a zilei, ne place sa ne relaxam si sa ne simtim bine, indiferent de locatie.

'''' '










Dar cand timpul trece mult prea repede, cum tinem pasul cu el? De multe ori, ramanem uimiti cand zarim un ceas si vedem cat de repede au trecut orele, de aceea ar fi bine sa avem mereu la mana noastra un ceas frumos, dar cel mai important lucru fiind sa functioneze perfect, sa ne arate mereu ora exacta. Eu nu port ceas de mana, dar de multe ori m-am gandit cat de bun ar fi pentru ca atunci cand nu stiu cat este ora caut telefonul in disperare ( macar asa stiu ca il am mereu la mine :)) ) .

'' '''''







Cei de la WatchShop ne vin in ajutor, sa tinem pasul cu timpul, cu cele mai frumoase ceasuri de mana, la preturi foarte bune pentru acestea. Merita sa cumparati de la ei pentru ca au oferte foarte bune si ceasuri sunt cu siguranta originale si au o calitate superioara. Transportul se face rapid si puteti avea  In categoriile ceasuri Fossil, ceasuri Guess, veti gasi ceasuri precum: Ceas Cecile sau ceas Foreman si multe alte modele frumoase :

Fossil CECILE AM4546Calvin Klein COLOUR K5E511K2Skagen ANITA SKW2147

Purtati ceas de mana? Cum ati descrie ceasul perfect? 🙂 Si care este ora voastra preferata sau cea mai importanta?

Costumul de baie

bbbbbbbbb Buna din nou! Stiu ca am mai vorbit despre costumele de baie, dar avand in vedere ca sunt printre cele mai importante piese vestimentare vara asta , m-am gandit sa mai fac un post. Cum de multe ori oferim mai multa atentie unui costum de baie de cat oricareia alta haina, pare o decizie mult mai grea, studiem atent materialul, culoarea, modelul acestora etc.. De ce? pentru ca nu vrem sa vedem cum in concediul nostru mult visat, costumul de baie ajunge sa se decoloreze dupa prima zi de plaja sau subtieze sau chiar sa se rupa . Pe langa aceste detalii costumul de baie trebuie sa se potriveasca cu corpul nostru, cu culoarea pielii, parului, sa fie comod, dintr-un material rezistent  si cel mai important sa fie frumos si sa ne placa noua. Deci cu siguranta este o alegere foarte grea, mai ales cand ne dorim sa aratam foarte bine. Dar odata ce ajungem pe plaja sau la piscina stim ca nu prea mai tinem cont de costumjul de baie si ne bucuram de soare. nisip si apa. Decorul perfect pentruy o zi frumoasa si relaxanta.

bb  bbbb














Daca inca nu ti-ai ales costumul de baie preferat si nu mai e mult pana trebuie sa iti faci bagajul iti recomand sa intri pe site-ul celor de la SevenSins la categoria costume de baie si la pijamale si halate .   Au modele frumoase, de calitate la preturi accesibile, cum veti vedea si in pozele de mai jos. Tot pe site-ul lor gasiti si o varietate larga de modele de lenjerie intima si nu numai. Asadar daca va doriti un costum de baie sexy, care sa va scoata in evidenta formele feminine, aceste costume de baie ar fi ideale. Livrarea se face rapid si daca nu sunteti multumita aveti parte si de retur gratuit.

bbbbbb bbbbb bbbbbbb







Ce costum de baie preferati cel din doua piese sau cel intreg?

Astept parerile voastre sincere! 🙂

Insula Lefkada

Insula Lefkada este o destinatie perfecta pentru o vacanta de neuitat. Cred ca e visul oricaruia sa isi petreaca zilele libere in aceasta locatie unde plaja are nisip fin, apa marii are o culoare frumoasa, turcoaz, doar privind ajungi sa te relaxezi si detasezi total de la probleme din fiecare zi. Imagineaza-ti doar cum intr-o zi te trezesti intr-o camera luminoasa cu lenjerie alba si uitandu-te in fata pe balcon vezi marea. Dupa ce savurezi micul dejun in pat, te pregatesti repede si fugi pe plaja, unde esti asteptata de nisipul fin care parca te ajuta sa ajungi mai repede la apa marii, practic te atrage. Urmand sa iti petrecei intreaga zi pe un sezlong sau in apa , savurand un cocktail foarte bun. Seara, e momontul potrivit pentru a explora insula si a face cateva cumparaturi , pentru ca toti obisnuim sa luam cat mai multe suveniruri. E clar ca oricine si-ar dori o asemenea vacanta in care isi poate incanta ochii cu privelisti superbe, cu sansa de acunoaste oameni noi si a afla mai multe si de ce nu, chiar sa inveti unele cuvinte in alta limba care sigurat iti vor fi de folos pe viitor.














Daca iti doresti o vacanta pe aceasta insula frumoasa poti vedea ofertele Aerotravel din sectiunea Insula Lefkada . Pe site-ul lor veti gasi mai multe informatii despre aceasta destinatie, despre cazare, iti poti alegi hotelul preferat sau cel mai ieftin, important este sa te simti tu bine aproape de mare si tot la ei gasiti si bilete de avion . Tot pe site-ul lor se gasesc multe alte destinatii superbe care au oferte speciale , doar la ei gasiti o vacanta pentru bugetul fiecaruia. Asa ca va recomand cu incredere site-ul Aerotravel pentru cele mai reusite vacante.insula-lefkada-mic

Bilete de avion ieftine, inclusiv zboruri low cost


In schimb daca vreti sa vizitati un oras frumos va recomand : Florenta.


Ce parere aveti despre aceasta insula?


August, cea mai calduroasa luna, daca anul acesta am mai putea spune acelas lucru ar fi foarte bine, dar nu prea e asa… La cum a fost vremea in celelalte luni de vara nici nu stiai daca sa te mai chinui sa gasesti costumul de baie perfect sau pur si simplu sa scoti din garderoba pelerina de ploaie. ;)) Nici nu prea putem face prea multe stiind ca dupa doua, trei ore de soare puternic, vine o furtuna puternica. 😦 Dar nu avem de ales si nici nu putem schimba vremea, singura solutie fiind sa fugim la mare, unde sigurat e mult mai bine.

wee weee weeeeee













Totusi ar fi bine sa profitam de vremea calda, chiar daca o primim in doze destul de mici vara asta. Daca tot iti doresti sa achizitionezi haine de vara sau incaltaminte eu iti recomand Miniprix . De ce? Pentru au preturi foarte bune si printr-o comanda poti sa cumperi tot ce ai nevoie mai ales ca acum poti avea \’miniPRIX la purtator\’ pe smartphone descarcand gratuit aplicatia miniPRIX din App Store sau G-Play pentru a fi la curent noutățile și promoțiile din magazin. Uitandu-ma pe site-ul lor zilele astea, mi-a sarit in ochii colectia Neon … la inceput nu am vrut sa intru pentru ca nu prea ma dau in vant dupa aceste culori aprinse, dar am zis sa ii dau o sansa  si chiar ma bucur ca am facut asta. In colectie se gasesc bluze, rochii, sandale si multe alte piese de vara, in culori pline de viata.





Ati comandat vreodata haine de pe Miniprix? Ce parere aveti despre ele?

Aa si ce spuneti despre vara asta? Parca soarele nu mai reuseste sa se lupte cu norii… dar poate, poate mai avem o sansa. Insa nu trebuie sa ne pierdem rabdarea!

Pana la urmatoarea postarea va urez o zi cat mai frumoasa si astept parerile voastre sincere! 🙂