Back to school – Uniforms

Hello to everyone, especially for those who start their new semester in a few weeks! 🙂 This post will be about the school uniforms, because most of us have to wear it. First, let me say that I never liked the idea of uniforms, i understand that this help some children who don`t have so much money be equal to the others and the institution is sure that everyone wears decent clothes, but you should have the right to choose what you want to wear. Of course, school is a place for learning where we just have to study for our future, but at a same time it`s a place where you can make real best friends or even to find your other half who will be there for you and if you really want to impress you can do this wearing decent clothes. 🙂


You can wear your uniform with style and I`m sure most of you realised that from watching Gossip Girl. If you didn`t watch this Tv serial, you should see it because the characters have a great fashion style and you can learn a lot about real love and friendship. I stop now, because this post is not about serials and I definitely recommend this one. So, let`s go back to our uniforms, the main characters Blair and Serena used to wear uniforms but they always accessorizes their outfits perfectly. I can say they were inspirational for me and you will see this below in the pictures.

Leighton Meester Gossip Girl

Likes | Tumblr

As you can see from the photos they always wear a beautiful scarf or blazer, a ribbon or a bandeau in their hair which make their all outfit look better. And, of course, they have shoes perfectly matched with their bags. Clearly, their styles it`s unique, but you can try so many accessories to make your uniform look good too. Just look in your wardrobe and you will se how many blazers or scarfs will look fabulous with your white shirt. One more rule is to always be original! This way people will discover your great style. Another rule would be to try to use colors that match your uniform colours, like if your shirt is yellow , try not to wear a pink blazer, in my opinion it will look a little bit horrible. Thinking that autumn it`s here and the bad weather will come too, you have to make sure you have in your wardrobe some beautiful jackets which match your uniform and if you have to wear a skirt you should buy some cute socks or hosiery (long socks) with cute designs.

Cosette Munch -

At your school you wear uniforms? What do you think of them? And if you don`t, would you liked to have uniforms in your school? I can`t wait to read your stories! :*



Back to school – Nails

Hello, my dear readers! 🙂 As you saw in the post “Back to school – The school bag “, i started some new posts (a school series) for the ones who in a few weeks are returning to school, college, university or any other “place to learn” where we have to impress with our good taste in fashion, but not only. This post will be about the perfect nails. I know it`s always a hard decision to choose the shape of your nails or the color/s of the nail polish, the design, but when going back to school you need to have your nails smaller because the “big ones” don`t let you write so well. I personally, don`t think that we have to paint our nails darker because autumn is darker.  If you want to be like this season you can use the autumn colours like a red wine, dark green, a pumpkin orange or any other colour which will fit you in the view. ;)) I will put below some pictures with my favourite kind of school perfect nails:

Mina naglar! This amazing✨ ClassyC.Monroe | via TumblrSilver Pink Pop | via Facebook Nails

So what do you think about this nail designs? I like them a lot, but let`s focus first on the nail length and shape. You can choose any type of shape, but try to not hurt anyone, I know that pointed ones are not so good for the others. :)) The length has to be as we like it, but personally I don`t like huge nails, or even the smaller ones, the length should be as long as it doesn`t bother us when writing or doing any other school activity like sport. So be sure that your nails are not too long. If you don`t know how to choose your perfect nail shape I will post below a photo which I hope will help you.




After reading on the picture I would like to know “what`s your shape?” 🙂 Now, let`s talk about the colour of the nails, in many schools girls can`t use nail polish or they have to use light/bright colours like pink or nude. If your institution doesn`t have this rule, you can use any colour you want on your nails and any design. So be happy!  If you are used to paint  your nails only with simple nail polish, this new year of school, maybe will make you try something new because a girl must have beautiful hands and of course, beautiful nails too, which will improve her image.

I hope this post helped you and i would love to hear more about your nails. So, how are your nails? Do you use nail polish? I would like to know more about you and this is why I`m waiting for your comments. Until next time I wish you the best! 🙂


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Back to school- The school bag

Hello everyone! Maybe you think it`s to early for this kinds of posts, but the ones who go back to college, university… need to be ready for the first day. So in this post we will talk about what we put in our school bag. First of all you need to have a beautiful and practical handbag or backpack. My inspiration for autumn or the begging of school i think it is Bethany Mota from youtube. Her videos are so inspirational and she give such good advises about style, beauty and fashion. So here i will post one of her videos :

So let`s start! How i said up, you need to have a practical handbag and if you need a new one it`s the perfect season to buy one because there are lots of stores with beautiful bags on sale. If you need help on finding the perfect bag for you, look after this article: . After you get one, you have to be sure that you put there anything you need. So i`m going to make an essential list:
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. A planner
4. A bottle of water
5. Notebooks
6. Pencils
7. Gum
8. And anything you consider is essential and probably some makeup stuffs.

If there are things you don`t have yet , as i said it`s perfect season for shopping and for more fun, invite a friend to come with you.

Just essentials ..
Try to select what you put in your hand bag or backpack because I don`t think you want it to be to heavy and don`t forget to put something to eat. It`s important to have with you anything you know you will use and need, so always verify your bag before leaving home.

UntitledStay organized this school year :)

What`s in your school bag and which things are essential for you?

I can`t wait to read your opinians! 🙂