Mascara Big & Daring


Hello, everyone! How are you? I hope that you are in a warm place because outside the weather it`s not so good where I live ( the normal autumn with her cold wind came here too) . In this post i want to present to you a new mascara from Avon. The commercials captured my attention and this is why i bought it and I`m pretty proud of it because I like it. As you can see from the below picture the mascara is named Big & Daring volume mascara because of the special effect of volume. Another reason to buy it was because of it “plumping Complex and innovative crème-gel formula delivers 6x the volume and a clump-free, smudge-free, flake-free build”.



DYNAMITE WIRE BRUSH: Curved brush with multi-level patented bristles combs through and captures every lash while sculpting and filling in gaps. Personally, I love this kind of brush because it`s huge! I apply mascara much better and easier with this kind of brush … But everyone can have different opinions. I always choose black for the lashes because that colour matches my eyes and the black effect makes all eyes seems more big and attractive.



I would like to know what`s your favourite mascara or the one you use right now?

I`m waiting for your comments and I wish you to have a great weekend! Kisses, F.

Last weekend of summer

Hello everyone! How are you today? 🙂 I hope that you are very good and because the weekend it`s here I think most of us have some plans for the last days of summer. I just can`t believe summer is over… it was perfect with all her goods and bads and i hope that you too made some great memories this season. If you don`t have plans yet, be sure you do something memorable this two days because you deserve to have fun and be very, very happy. In this post, I don`t want to be sad and I want to help you for choosing the best outfits for this weekend. Thinking that the weather is still warm, but the nights can get pretty cold, you should take a cardigan with you. So, if your going to a party or getting out in town I suggest wearing a pretty, little summer dress because maybe it will be the last chance to wear it, this year and you should have some good pictures with it. 🙂


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♥ *¬* | via Tumblr

What do you think about this outfits ideas? You like them? I like them a lot because they are so girly and fashionable but at a same time the colours are perfect for the beginning of autumn.

My other advice is to let your hair free because it`s beautiful that way and it will represent your feelings or if you want to catch it, use some simple hairpins. If you want a really summer look you should try that salt spray ( I found it at Dm and it has a really good price, but you can find it in any other hair products shop) . You can make that salt water spray at home too. You just have to put in a spray bottle 2 cups of water, one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Your hair will get easily curly and you don`t have to use any other products and if you think it`s too messy try to arrange it with a comb.

summer | Tumblr



I would like to know how you choose to spend your last days of summer this year, in fact  how was your all season?

I can`t wait to hear your stories! Kisses, F.

Natural makeup

Hello everyone! How are you today? I know most of us prefer a simple and natural makeup which will define our eyes and face in a way that it`s not so strong. Most women don`t go out without putting some make-up on and this is why I decided to make this post and I hope that you will like it. So in this post I will describe how you can create a natural makeup look, in a very simple way because this kind of make up always look good on any type of skin and it`s perfect for every occasion.

Like I said, you can try this make up every day and the best part is that you can easily make it in five – ten minutes. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps for countouring your beautiful eyes:

First step is to apply an eyeshadow base like foundation or primer, than you can use a black, dark eyeliner or liquid liner which will make your eye seem bigger and clearly more attractive.


After you apply a liquid liner for an intensive look, you should apply on the corner of the eye a light brown eye shadow and on the other corner a brown eye shadow which will be blended with the other one for creating a beautiful shadow. For the eye brows try to use a brown eyebrow pencil and in the last part you should use your favourite mascara (to last all day , be sure that it`s a good one and it should be waterproof) .




For this makeup i used a Sephora pallet ,  a black liquid liner, and a Sephora mascara.

Do you like this simple and natural look? You use this kind of makeup?

I`m waiting for your opinions and I want to know which products do you use every day?

P.S. If you try this makeup please send me photos :*

Blue makeup

Hello again! Today is a beautiful day to play with colours! All day I looked at the sky to see how that light blue was crossed by white fluffy clouds and the sun took care to enlighten my window. And now the disappearance of the sun, slowly makes the light blue to become dark blue. This is how it happens in my makeup, prepared for you today. For this week i thought i will make a blue eye makeup for the night because as you see summer is mostly over  and it was the perfect season to use more colours! I was inspired by the sky, the light blue and the dark blue are getting together perfectly if you know how to blend them. So take your brushes and the blue makeup palette and let`s try something new!

Diana Păcurar makeup



For this one I used a makeup palette from Sephora, a dark blue eyeliner from miss sporty and a miss sporty mascara. I really liked how this eye makeup looks , even if I have brown eyes. I think this makeup can be used at night and you should wear something simple( only one colour like blue, black or white). The bad part is it`s to strong to wear it at daytime , but if you are brave you can try. 🙂

How to create this makeup:

1. First apply foundation or primer

2. Apply on the corner of the eye the lightest blue/white eyeshadow

3. In the middle use a light blue.

4. Use the darkest blue to contour your lid. Start at he outside corner of the eye.

5. Blend your eyeshadow

6. Use a dark blue/black eyeliner

7. Put on you favourite mascara!

You like this makeup? I`m waiting for your opinion 🙂

The first pic is from Weheartit:

Ingrijirea parului vara

Intreaga vara ne dorim sa avem un par fin la atingere si stralucitor, dar soarele din pacate il usuca, iar apa din bazine cu mult clor face mai rau. De aceea trebuie sa avem mare grija ce facem ca sa il protejam de deteriorare si sa nu fie necesar sa il taiem scurt.

thumb (2) thumb (23) thumb (22)thumb (24)












Putem feri parul de razele puternice ale soarelui, doar purtand o palarie draguta de vara care va proteja intregul cap si folosind un ulei hranitor pentru par care va ajuta la protejarea si vindecarea firelor. Incearca sa eviti placa de par, uscatorul, ondulatorul pentru ca oricum de la caldura parul se va usca intr-un mod natural si va arata mult mai sanatos. Pe timpul verii poti sa iti speli parul in fiecare zi, chiar daca nu este recomandat, dar sa alegi un sampon hidratant de uz zilnic!  Incearca sa folosesti cat mai des masti hranitoare pentru par si produse naturale.

Specialistii recomanda sa tinem parul strans de cele mai multe ori pe timpul verii pentru a evita deteriorarea si ruperea firelor de par. Eu, de exemplu, nu prea suport sa imi tin parul desfacut vara, mereu il prind intr-un coc lejer sau intr-o coada simpla la spate, ca sa nu imi fie atat de cald.

thumb (25) thumb (26) thumb (27) thumb (28)












In fiecare vara, observ la unele fete, impletituri superbe, simple, dar in acelas timp elegante, perfecte pentru o zi super-calduroasa. Unele impletituri nu sunt deloc greu de facut avand in vedere ca invatam asta de la gradinita si cu putin antrenament putem crea adevarate opere de arta cu parul nostru. Daca tot te-ai pornit sa faci o impletitura frumoasa, incearca sa o accesorizezi cu niste floricele sau cu o cordeluta, o panglica cu care sa faci o fundita, agrafe colorate etc.

Singurul lucru care mie imi place atunci cand stau cu parul la soare este ca mi se deschide la culoare si imi ofera niste suvite aurii foarte dragute si naturale, iar parul dupa apa sarata se onduleaza si arata asa rebel, dar la atingere este foarte aspru. 😦 Dar oricum vara nu se opreste asa ca ai grija de parul tau si bucurate de vara! 🙂

Astept parerile voastre! :**



Un par perfect ca la salon

Buna din nou! Cum sa ai par ca la salon? Cu produsele speciale pentru ingrijirea parului de la Philips . Toate ne dorim sa avem in fiecare zi acel par frumos si voluminos pe care puteai sa il ai mai de mult doar la saloanele de infrumusetare, dar acum fiecare ne putem permite cateva produse profesionale cum ar fi:

1. Uscatorul de par pro – – are un sistem cu ajutorul caruia parul se usuca mai repede, dar nu se deterioreaza, impiedicand supraincalzirea firului de par. Uscatorul de par este clar un must have in casa fiecaruia, nici nu imi imaginez viata fara el. :))

HPS920_00-IMS-ro_RO thumb (1)








2. Placa de par profesionala – – din titan, oferă conducţie termică excepţională pentru îndreptarea rapidă la presiune optimă. Eu una mi-am dorit mereu sa am parul perfect drept si chiar o placa de la Philips imi indeplineste aceasta dorinta de foarte multe ori. Obisnuiesc sa folosesc placa de par si pentru a crea usoare onduleuri.

HPS930_00-IMS-ro_RO thumb (20)








3. Ondulator conic – – este un ondulator inovator ProCare care nu deterioreaza parul si se pot realiza bucle cu aspect natural. Parul frumos ondulat, arata mereu bine si mult mai original.

HP8619_00-IMS-ro_RO thumb (18)








Avand aceste produse acasa, sigurat veti reusi sa aveti parul mult dorit, cand doriti, fara sa mai trebuiasca programare si sa mergeti la salon. Investind in aceste produse sigurat nu evti regreta deoarece au o calitate superioara si toate au sistem ProCare, care protejeaza firul d epar de deteriorare. 🙂 Si daca nu va iese din prima coafura dorita mai incercati, cu putin exercitiu in scurt timp puteti crea coafuri unice, poate chiar descoperiti un nou talent si veti contribui si la a ajuta prietenele sa arata fabulos cu un par ca la salon chiar la tine acasa.

Cum va place mai mult sa aveti parul natural, intins sau ondulat? 🙂 Si cand participati la un eveniment?

Astept parerile voastre sincere! :*

Pink nailpolish

Miss Sporty~ Lasting colour up to 10 days, maxi brushImage

Am cumparat acest lac de unghii de cateva saptamani, dar doar acum l-am incercat :)Intradevar este o culoare puternica si care iese in evidenta, dar sincer mi-a placut mult rezultatul, insa nu stiu cate zile va rezista cu adevarat culoarea pe unghii:-?? Oja este usor de aplicat cu acea pensula mai groasa cu care din doua-trei miscari termini toata treaba. Dupa ce lacul sa uscat (destul de repede, zic eu), unghiile sunt foarte fine la atingere si daca aplici lacul de doua ori vor arata ca si cum ai avea unghii cu gel! 🙂 Aceste lacuri de la miss sporty se gasesc in foarte multe nuante, pentru orice stil, in foarte multe magazine. (eu mi le-am cumparat din DM)



Dupa cum vedeti sunt sidefate si ies in evidenta foarte usor , de acees trebuie sa avem mare grija cu ce ne imbracam.

Mereu am observat persoanele care folosesc pentru tinutele lor culori deschise, placute, care parca incalzesc si vremea de afara.



Pentru sezonul acesta de primavara merg perfect mai ales daca le asortam cu accesorii roz sau chiar haine. Rozul este o culoare plina de viata, feminina, placuta (mai ales rozul pal) deci ai toate motivele sa incerci sa o adaugi prin garderoba ta. 🙂

Sper ca va placut postarea si astept parerile voastre pro si contra! :**

Green makeup!

Hello everyone! For this green spring, i prepared for you today a green makeup which is very playful. I can say that i don`t like very much this colour, but in this season, everything green seems to be alive again. :)) And you, beautiful, should impress this season by being optimistic, happy and full of joy. tumblr_lj1zgxWFel1qfk5vjo1_500

For this makeup I used a makeup palette from Sephora. I really liked how this eye makeup looks , even if I have brown eyes. I think it`s a very playful makeup and it`s perfect for going in the city in the daytime.
How to create this makeup:

1. First apply foundation or primer

2. Apply on the corner of the eye the white eyeshadow

3. In the middle use a light green.

4. Use the darkest green to contour your lid. Start at he outside corner of the eye.

5. Blend your eyeshadow.
+ you can:
6. Use a dark green/black eyeliner
7. Put on you favourite mascara!

If you are brave enought to wear this makeup, i would like to know so send me a picture with your result! :*

Avon eye dimensions – eyeshadow review

Buna tuturor, in aceasta postare voi prezenta paleta Avon eye dimensions – 3 x eyeshadow sweetheart Plum care arata chiar asa:



Am ramas placut impresionata de acest fard de pleoape, in imaginea din catalog nu arata deloc asa cum este in realitate. Are un ambalaj practic, se vad culorile si au si o pensula pe care eu nu am folosito inca, dar pare destul de buna. Culorile sunt pigmentate si contin sclipici, mai ales cea din mijloc care scoate in evidenta machiajul creat. Fardul de pleoape se gaseste in mai multe nuante nu doar mov, costa intre 20-25 de lei si se poate comanda de la Avon, dupa parerea mea isi merita banii! 🙂


Nuantele sunt usor de aplicat si de uniformizat, iar rezultatul este unul stralucitor, cu un efect multidimensional. Acest gen de machiaj merge perfect seara, este prea puternic pentru a fi purtat ziua in opinia mea , dar cu siguranta poti sa il incerci la orice, dupa bunul plac!


Sper ca va placut aceasta postare si astept sugestiile voastre! Kisses