Back to school – Nails

Hello, my dear readers! 🙂 As you saw in the post “Back to school – The school bag “, i started some new posts (a school series) for the ones who in a few weeks are returning to school, college, university or any other “place to learn” where we have to impress with our good taste in fashion, but not only. This post will be about the perfect nails. I know it`s always a hard decision to choose the shape of your nails or the color/s of the nail polish, the design, but when going back to school you need to have your nails smaller because the “big ones” don`t let you write so well. I personally, don`t think that we have to paint our nails darker because autumn is darker.  If you want to be like this season you can use the autumn colours like a red wine, dark green, a pumpkin orange or any other colour which will fit you in the view. ;)) I will put below some pictures with my favourite kind of school perfect nails:

Mina naglar! This amazing✨ ClassyC.Monroe | via TumblrSilver Pink Pop | via Facebook Nails

So what do you think about this nail designs? I like them a lot, but let`s focus first on the nail length and shape. You can choose any type of shape, but try to not hurt anyone, I know that pointed ones are not so good for the others. :)) The length has to be as we like it, but personally I don`t like huge nails, or even the smaller ones, the length should be as long as it doesn`t bother us when writing or doing any other school activity like sport. So be sure that your nails are not too long. If you don`t know how to choose your perfect nail shape I will post below a photo which I hope will help you.




After reading on the picture I would like to know “what`s your shape?” 🙂 Now, let`s talk about the colour of the nails, in many schools girls can`t use nail polish or they have to use light/bright colours like pink or nude. If your institution doesn`t have this rule, you can use any colour you want on your nails and any design. So be happy!  If you are used to paint  your nails only with simple nail polish, this new year of school, maybe will make you try something new because a girl must have beautiful hands and of course, beautiful nails too, which will improve her image.

I hope this post helped you and i would love to hear more about your nails. So, how are your nails? Do you use nail polish? I would like to know more about you and this is why I`m waiting for your comments. Until next time I wish you the best! 🙂


*The photos are taken from



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