Blue makeup

Hello again! Today is a beautiful day to play with colours! All day I looked at the sky to see how that light blue was crossed by white fluffy clouds and the sun took care to enlighten my window. And now the disappearance of the sun, slowly makes the light blue to become dark blue. This is how it happens in my makeup, prepared for you today. For this week i thought i will make a blue eye makeup for the night because as you see summer is mostly over  and it was the perfect season to use more colours! I was inspired by the sky, the light blue and the dark blue are getting together perfectly if you know how to blend them. So take your brushes and the blue makeup palette and let`s try something new!

Diana Păcurar makeup



For this one I used a makeup palette from Sephora, a dark blue eyeliner from miss sporty and a miss sporty mascara. I really liked how this eye makeup looks , even if I have brown eyes. I think this makeup can be used at night and you should wear something simple( only one colour like blue, black or white). The bad part is it`s to strong to wear it at daytime , but if you are brave you can try. 🙂

How to create this makeup:

1. First apply foundation or primer

2. Apply on the corner of the eye the lightest blue/white eyeshadow

3. In the middle use a light blue.

4. Use the darkest blue to contour your lid. Start at he outside corner of the eye.

5. Blend your eyeshadow

6. Use a dark blue/black eyeliner

7. Put on you favourite mascara!

You like this makeup? I`m waiting for your opinion 🙂

The first pic is from Weheartit:


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