Back to school- The school bag

Hello everyone! Maybe you think it`s to early for this kinds of posts, but the ones who go back to college, university… need to be ready for the first day. So in this post we will talk about what we put in our school bag. First of all you need to have a beautiful and practical handbag or backpack. My inspiration for autumn or the begging of school i think it is Bethany Mota from youtube. Her videos are so inspirational and she give such good advises about style, beauty and fashion. So here i will post one of her videos :

So let`s start! How i said up, you need to have a practical handbag and if you need a new one it`s the perfect season to buy one because there are lots of stores with beautiful bags on sale. If you need help on finding the perfect bag for you, look after this article: . After you get one, you have to be sure that you put there anything you need. So i`m going to make an essential list:
1. Phone
2. Wallet
3. A planner
4. A bottle of water
5. Notebooks
6. Pencils
7. Gum
8. And anything you consider is essential and probably some makeup stuffs.

If there are things you don`t have yet , as i said it`s perfect season for shopping and for more fun, invite a friend to come with you.

Just essentials ..
Try to select what you put in your hand bag or backpack because I don`t think you want it to be to heavy and don`t forget to put something to eat. It`s important to have with you anything you know you will use and need, so always verify your bag before leaving home.

UntitledStay organized this school year :)

What`s in your school bag and which things are essential for you?

I can`t wait to read your opinians! 🙂


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