Green makeup!

Hello everyone! For this green spring, i prepared for you today a green makeup which is very playful. I can say that i don`t like very much this colour, but in this season, everything green seems to be alive again. :)) And you, beautiful, should impress this season by being optimistic, happy and full of joy. tumblr_lj1zgxWFel1qfk5vjo1_500

For this makeup I used a makeup palette from Sephora. I really liked how this eye makeup looks , even if I have brown eyes. I think it`s a very playful makeup and it`s perfect for going in the city in the daytime.
How to create this makeup:

1. First apply foundation or primer

2. Apply on the corner of the eye the white eyeshadow

3. In the middle use a light green.

4. Use the darkest green to contour your lid. Start at he outside corner of the eye.

5. Blend your eyeshadow.
+ you can:
6. Use a dark green/black eyeliner
7. Put on you favourite mascara!

If you are brave enought to wear this makeup, i would like to know so send me a picture with your result! :*


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