Spring <3


 I always love spring! When I think of spring, all I see are a lot of flowers in bright colors and the grass really greener, hear the birds singing, feel the sun warming .. do you feel better already? I do! It`s such a beautiful, colorful season , everything comes to life, in a very amazing way. It feels like anybody and everything have a new chance to start over, to make it all better.  So don`t waste the chance you have, maybe it`s time for a change be brave and go for whatever makes you happy even if it`s not so easy!


In this post I will tell you my ideas with what you should do this spring to feel good:

1. try to walk more in the park or anywhere you like
2. become more friendly (don`t be afraid to get out)
3. buy new clothes (bright colors)
4. clean your room, house, redecorate it, make it look as you always dreamed

 5. create something like a bracelet


6. eat more fruits and drink water
7. go to gym
8. help people , make them smile
9. have fun, “never regret anything that made you smile”
10. love your family and friends! 
11. listen to good music
12. try to learn a new language

So enjoy this beautiful season and make it memorable! 


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